1. How old do you have to be to attend the show? 21
  1. Can we celebrate a special occasion? Yes, we love birthdays, bachorlettes and divorcees!
  1. What time do the doors open? The doors will open 30 minutes prior to the show. VIP will have early entrance 45 minutes prior to show time.
  1. Can we bring in our own drinks? No, we have a full service bar available for you.
  1. When should we book? I recommend booking early, Nashville is the number one city for Bachorlette parties and they book early.
  1. We are you located? We are located at the Limelight Event Center, 201 Woodland St, Nashville.
  1. Is there parking available? Yes we have 200 free parking spaces, first come first serve.
  1. Will you have change available if we need it? Yes, we will have a abundance of $1.00 bills.
  1. Is there a dress code? No, we do recommend that you wear underwear in case you are called to the stage for a scene.
  1. May I bring in a camera? No, no cameras are allowed. Cell phone may be used until instructed not to.
  1. Is there food available? No, sorry, just alcohol.
  1. No cancellations, show performs rain or shine.

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